This week I continued with my studies of Growth Marketing for Conversion XL. I am currently learning a lot from Mercer, a specialist in the analytics module. However, I decided not to advance in the line of analytics until I complete the previous certifications that are pending.

So far, I…

Everything that can’t be explained as a process, is improvisation.

This week I was working very hard to finish the longest session so far in the program of ConversionXL Institute, of Growth Hacking and is the course of the ResearchXL model, taught by the founder Pepp Laja. Unfortunately, I…

Keep pushing, Keep Learning

On the other hand, the Email Marketing channel works for the retention and acquisition of new customers. Also, it is a channel that also serves to work the different stages of the customer cycle, such as retention and decrease of attrition or loss of customers…

The Must of experimentation as a process

Today continue to learn more about the process of creating a test, with mentor Peep Laja, founder of CXL Institute. …

I start with a blunt phrase from Peep Laja:

“You have to decide if you play for playing or play for winning.”

La canarinha, the most successful team in soccer history. Those used to play to won!

This phrase had a great power to motivate me to continue learning and…

Always keep learning — Oscar Ivan Hernandez — Digital Marketing

My third week in the Growth Marketing program at CXL Institute.

This week I had to slow down in my studies with the CXL institute because the demand for work in my company increased in a significant way. First…

Oscar Ivan Hernandez Hernandez

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist that loves to learn as much as possible about food, analytics, X-games, history and more. Hope to have an interesting blog

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